Winx Club: Alfea Butterflix Adventures (XBO) – 1080p60 Full Game (100%) Walkthrough – No Commentary

This walkthrough includes ALL Xbox achievements: all hidden keys, all blue gem keys, all red gems and its keys. It does not include the final boss battle.

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So this game was a pretty big disappointment to me. It’s full of bugs, feels incomplete and is pay-to-win. I can’t finish the game without spending over 40 euros to buy gems and unlock all of the required Winx in order to beat Brafilius. Very frustrating…

Winx Club: Alfea Butterflix Adventures (XBO) playlist:
Winx Club: The Game (PC) playlist:

Story: Experience a gorgeous Winx world, go on your own adventures, solve tricky puzzles, explore hidden secrets and get the latest Winx fashions too! If you liked the Playstation version of Winx Club back in 2004, you will love this game!

– Choose any of the Winx characters. Be fashionable, intelligent and brave! In this new and beautiful 3D Adventure set in Alfea College for fairies!

– Seek out the mysterious keys, investigate new and exciting rooms and uncover hidden treasures. Collect over 150 exclusive Trading cards too.

– Transform into Butterflix, battle Brafilius and his pesky Gemlins. Use spells to defeat them all!

– Wear unique outfits from season 7 with even more fashionable clothes to follow soon.

– There are also many mind-bending puzzles to put your brain to the test.

– Introducing an amazing new control system with 360 degrees views!

Parents please note: the game does include IN-APP purchases.

Release Date – December 28, 2017
Genre – Action, Adventure
Platforms: Xbox One, Android, iOS
Publisher – Konami
Developer – Tsumanga Studios

My Xbox gamertag: Shad0wx54x
My PlayStation gamertag: ToughGamingGuyYT

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