Top 25 BEST Indie RPGs of ALL TIME

Classically designed JRPGs / turn based RPGs are a favourite genre of mine, so here are my picks for the Top 25 BEST indie games in the genre! Discord▻ …


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  • i got here trying to find something like undertale, at least the same felling. i started doing another thing while i was hearing the video, then, the moment i started to hear "once upon a time" from undertale…man, i haven't feell that for a while

  • I'm glad I bought Citizens Of Earth it's pretty much my most favorite video game of all time with its many cast of colorful characters, enemies, bosses, music, and humor making it a great love letter to Earthbound fans and RPG fans also I was super glad it got a sequel called Citizens of Space which is a love letter to Citizens Of Earth fans it's my most favorite video game sequel of all time and making it on my games of the year for 2019.

    I did hear about Bugs Fable which is good for OG Paper Mario fans but I thought Paper Mario Sticker Star and Color Splash were pretty great game, in my opinion, I know Paper Mario Sticker Star and Color Splash aren't as good as the other three Paper Mario games but I really enjoy and had fun playing them from beginning to end because it was different from the other three Paper Mario games and I like video games that try something new and different besides we all have different taste in video games and video game sequels, I'm super hyped and looking forward to playing Paper Mario The Origami King, I even preordered it at day one which is a great start.

    Anyway, great countdown list can't wait to see more in the future.

  • I am really, REALLY grateful for you making this video

    I love the 8 bits and 16 bits era of RPGs and i was looking for new gems

    Your channel makes great service for indie fans man, keep the good work and again, thank you!

    PS: Stay safe in home too…

  • Cthulhu Saves the World ► I have this, it was one of the first big indie JRPG

    Boot Hill Heroes ► Wild Arms, wait wasnt there a game like it this week?
    Doom & Destiny ► add, Sound good
    Pier Solar and the Great Architects ► Oh, I remember buying it on WiiU but it didn't work right on the WiiU.
    LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds ► Have it, BADASS game
    Epic Battle Fantasy 5 ► I remember that, never played it
    Hylics ► Look so WEIRD
    Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition ► Look so Great
    Light Apprentice – The Comic Book RPG ► Like Super Mario RPG
    Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy ► Giant monsters JRPG

    Edit : There more :O

    SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech ► Yah, It in my wish list for a time now
    Shadows of Adam ► Look great
    Undertale ► I never heard of this game before.
    West of Loathing ► Look weird and funny
    Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling ► Paper Mario, we need new paper mario 🙁
    Cosmic Star Heroine ► WOW, Look like 90's anime 😀 KOOL
    Virgo Vs the Zodiac ► The music is amazing

  • Earthlock was a really nice surprise. I bought it during a sale when I first got the Switch and was pleasantly surprised.

    Some other games were on my radar for a while, but your recomandation may just be the push to finally get to them.

  • Is there a way you could do a video such as "2D Turn-based strategy indie games"? I can't seem to find a solid game to play. I did a lot of research but I generally ends up with JRPGs (I sadly can't seem to appreciate those games) or XCOM games (tried Phantom Doctrine & Mutant Year Zero, they're good but well, not really what I was looking for). I'd really appreciate if you could make a list of the best 2D turnbased strategy indie games, I saw that you did it for UPCOMING titles and I'd like to see all the games you know that I've been released.

    I've tried Tactical Monster Rumble Arena (Multiplayer Pay2Win), Pit People (correct but low replay value), Slay the Spire (really good but also have a low replay value), Steamworld Heist (nice but the NewGame+ is total meh), SouthPark's Stick of Truth/Fractured but whole are nice but it's a one-time run, French MMORPG Dofus (used to be good but now sucks). I can't seem to find the joy of playing games like Heroes of Might & Magic 3 (and the previous installment too).

  • I'm very disappointed that we always have way too many fantasy themed games in the overall rpg genre, be it western medieval one or the jrpg one… And also the generic scifi and/or post apocalyptic ones that usually have fantasy elements where we're fighting monstrous/demonic aliens, mutants or robots.

    Why can't we have more realistic and/or hard scifi rpg? Hell yes they can totally be done :

    Disco Elysium is an rpg set in a hard retro scifi setting

    Obsidiant's Alpha Protocol is a James Bond esque spy rpg

    Kingdom Come Deliverance is an rpg set in historical realistic medieval setting

    Deus EX series is set in hard scifi setting with little to no fantasy element unlike say Mass Effect series.

    I want more of rpg like them, thankfully we would still get Cyberpunk 77, Gamedec and Colony Ship… But it's still like for 1 realistic rpg there are 10 or more fantasy ones.

  • The whole time I was watching this, I was really hoping Bug Fables made the cut, a super underrated game that scratches a very particular itch better than any other game. Thanks so much for including it!

  • I watched coz i enjoy your content but jrpgs and unless it's action rpgs im not a huge fan BUT…. i will say that i like the old school paper mario games so ive been watching bug fable even b4 i saw this vid and the other is virgo vs the world… so glad i watch this to the end lol

  • Last dream (or was it lost dream?). Is one of those actually good rpg maker games. Has one of the best battle system/ character build customization mechanics too.

    And if you arent opposed to fan translated dounin games. Genius of sappheiros and labyrinth of touhou. Dont expect those 2 to have an amazing story though. Very battle oriented


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