The Secret World Legends First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

The Secret World Legends First Impressions / Early Game Review
The Secret World Legends is a re release of the original Secret World that was released in 2012, this version of the game has a few changes to the combat and targeting system, an improved tutorial, UI changes and quality of life changes, overall a more streamlined experience, When I played the original secret world a few years back I hated it, will the changes made in Legends be enough to change my mind?

What are your thoughts so far on The Secret World Legends based on what you’ve seen in this video or experienced in game? Is it a game you’d actually play or does it look awful? let me know in the comments below!


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—The Secret World Legends Description On It’s Website—

Secret World Legends plunges players into a shadowy war against the supernatural in an adventure that crosses our world with the realms of ancient myth and legend. As players traverse the globe unraveling complex investigations into the unknown, they’ll need to uncover clues and use their own wits as much as their characters’ abilities. A highly extensive and customizable arsenal of firearms, weapons, gear and otherworldly powers will give players the strength to battle the forces of darkness as they dig deeper into these vast and mysterious lands. Players can go at it alone and enjoy the over 100 hours of story at their own pace, or team up with others as they explore the world and unravel its mysteries.

Where will you stand in the secret war between good and evil as supernatural forces threaten the modern-day world? Use a wide range of weapons and superhuman abilities to destroy the sinister evils that are threatening humanity’s existence.

Dive into the innovative Investigation Missions, where your wits are as important as your skills. Solve mysteries while battling evil in unique missions and quests never before seen in a game of its kind.

Secret World Legends brings storytelling to a new level by dropping you into the heart of a dramatic and chill-inducing narrative filled with unique missions, emotional punches, and mysterious Legends, brought to life by high-quality voice-acting throughout the adventure.

Travel from London to Seoul to New York and beyond. Explore the dark forests of Transylvania, the scorched deserts of Egypt, and a small coastal town in New England filled with horror and mystery. Visit locations inspired by the real world now invaded by creatures of myth and legend.
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The Secret World Legends First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

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  • I really wanted to play this game this time around. I can log in to Funcom and all its games except this one. I've tried even resetting my pw and that didn't help. Anyone have this problem? How to fix this please!?

    Thanks for the video!

  • All I wanna say for my impressions is that it’s a good game to spend time in quarantine but anything more than that like, playing it on a daily basis would be kind of a waste of people’s time.

  • Think I will do only for try the story avancement, but not for the game version it-self, which is one of the worst gameplay I have ever seen envens on a free2play (mmo)rpg… Clearly hopping to touch the real payable version one time (the one which have the real free charachter's skills choix, that is what interest me to go in this game) the other ("SWL") don't pay the waiste of time for me. Clearly!

  • I've played many MMOs in my life, and TSW has BY FAR the best story and quest design of any of them. Nothing else comes close. I think it's only that I never found a social group or guild to play with that bogged it down. Also, item leveling progression seems to really slow down later on which just encourages microtransactions. But on pure story alone, this game is soooooo worth it. An MMO with single player immersion. Some genuinely terrifying moments.

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  • This feels like The Secret World: Hand-holding Edition.

    I too wondered why you hated the original game's combat so much, so I hunted down that video. It turns out that the reason was (as many, many commenters pointed out) that you never actually experienced it. You skipped or skimmed all the tutorials, ignored the entire skill tree, didn't try at all to plan out your build, ignored most of your abilities, didn't keep your gear repaired, constantly did things to sabotage yourself and basically did your absolute best to make your experience as horrible as possible, and then ranted and raged about it without actually trying to do anything to fix it.

    Then you compounded the problem by getting angry at the quest system for being based on ARG's, which was a core feature of the game that played a key role in its advertising campaign. They were meant to be hard. They were meant to require you to search the internet (thus the in-game browser), your quest logs, the environment, and basically actually use your brain rather than just mindlessly clicking things without thinking about them. And more importantly, such quests were marked as being that type before you even took them so that you could avoid them if you felt like only taking mindless kill and fetch quests.

    These two reviews honestly lowered my opinion of you dramatically because they really emphasize the "Lazy" in TheLazyPeon.

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