Steam Halloween Sale 2018 – My Recommendations

In today’s video I’m discussing the Steam Halloween Sale for 2018 and giving my thoughts on what PC games you should think about picking up on the cheap.

Games Under £5 – 0:31
Games Under £10 – 8:35
Games Over £10 – 15:44

0:32 – Outlast
1:15 – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
2:02 – Devil Daggers
2:48 – Just Cause 3
3:38 – Action Henk
4:13 – Deus Ex: MD & HR
5:24 – Pony Island
6:02 – SteamWorld Heist
6:47 – Golf It!
7:33 – Mad Max
8:36 – Darkest Dungeon
9:50 – The Sexy Brutale
10:50 – Dark Souls 3
11:42 – Worms W.M.D.
12:31 – Prey
13:40 – The Final Station
14:32 – Shadow Warrior 2
15:43 – A Hat in Time
16:53 – Hand of Fate 2
18:19 – Redout
19:14 – Middle Earth: Shadow of War
20:33 – The Witcher 3 GOTY
21:11 – Xcom 2 Collection

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All gameplay was recorded on PC or PS4 by Nathan Ashcroft for The Gaming Guy Channel.

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Nathan Ashcroft

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  • If you dont get Grim Fandango or Psychonauts, you're missing out… Very underrated games they're throwbacks but hold up very well comedically and gameplay wise.Not to mention they're hella cheap! Also the original Deus Ex is better than both mentioned in this video in my opinion I recommend also buying that its like less than a dollar. If you don't like older graphics though it might not be for you then again If you like Half Life 2 then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. I'm someone who prefers story,characters, and world building over anything in video games so if you have that same mindset these are must haves.

  • L4D Bundle – X
    Bioshock The Collection – X
    Grim Dawn
    Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
    The Forest – X
    Don't Starve Together – X
    Ryse: Son of Rome
    Alan Wake – X
    Fran Bow
    Friday the 13th: The Game – X
    Dying Light: Enhanced Edition – X
    Tomb Raider 2013
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice – X
    Dead by Daylight – X
    Oxygen Not Included
    Slime Rancher

    These are some i recomend. The ones marked with an "X" are those that i think you skipped and should 100% be in that "Halloween" themed list ~ .

    The Forest is a must if you love the survival/horror genre. Very polished game, and very fun to play with friends.
    Don't Starve Together is at an all time low price right now and it comes with an extra copy for you to gift to someone else.
    L4D Bundle is at a low 2,44€ and contains two games that will keep you entertained for dozens of hours.

    Those three are a must in my opinion if you don't own them already.
    They all come together for under 20$ or 20€.

    Also to note that Shadow Warrior 2 was completely free on GOG not long ago. It's a great game, but you might wanna hold your horses and wait for the price to drop a bit more if you are on a budget.


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