StarCraft 2 – Legacy of the Void | The Movie HD Extended Cut 1080p

StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void – All cinematic cutscenes, no gameplay footages

Legacy of the Void is the highly anticipated third game in the acclaimed StarCraft II real-time strategy series. In this launch trailer, we examine how far our heroes have come and the struggles they have endured . . . only to find themselves confronting an evil that threatens to engulf the entire galaxy. Now, all three factions must unite to overcome Amon’s power—or face complete extinction.

Collection of ALL cinematics, cutscenes (and certain character dialogues) from Starcraft 2 – Legacy Of The Void for your enjoyment

~Table of Contents~
0:00 Annoying Intro (now retired)
00:07 Unity (Opening Cinematic)
03:11 Reclamation
05:36 For Auir
06:40 Zeratul’s Vision
09:02 The Growing Shadow
11:14 Chains (that Bind) “Starcraft 2 – Zeratul Vs Artanis – Legacy of the Void Cinematic”
14:19 Rescue (Meet Karax)
16:23 Spear Of Adun (Rocket Man)
18:14 Arkship
49:28 Rohana Decent into Amon’s Will
21:37 Amon’s Reach (Meet Vorazun)
33:15 Last Stand
34:31 Alone – Artanis Vs ALL the Zerg
39:07 Sky Shield (Meet Raynor)
45:07 Brother’s In Arms (Return to Korhal)
46:28 Warriors (Future’s Graveyard)
49:28 Rohana Decent into Amon’s Will
54:29 Forbidden Weapons
58:52 the Return of Fenix (Sort Of)
1:04:03 Temple Of Unification
1:11:27 Unlikely Allies – “Starcraft 2 – Kerrigan vs Artanis vs Zerg-Protoss Hybrid – Legacy of the Void Cinematic ”
1:15:01 The Infinite Cycle
1:19:31 Entombed – “Starcraft 2 – Amon Vs Kerrigan Vs Artantis – Legacy of the Void Cinematic ”
1:21:24 Harbinger of Oblivion (Meet Alarak)
1:26:42 Ulnar
1:34:42 Steps of the Rite
1:45:45 Rak’Shir
2:02:43 Unsealing the Past
2:09:58 Purification
2:13:20 Unshackled
2:27:59 The Host
2:37:34 The Path of the Warrior “Legacy of The Void Ending Cinematic”


● Starcraft 2 – Kerrigan /Artanis vs Zerg-Protoss Hybrid – Cinematic
● Starcraft 2 Zeratul’s FInal Battle Cinematic
● Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Prologue Movie
● Kerrigan – Sexy Chick ( Starcraft 2 – GMV )

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