Spider-Man 3 | Full Gameplay Walkthrough (2007)

► Here it is, my full playthrough of Spider-Man 3 on the PC. I picked up this game for the very first time in 2011. It was my first PlayStation 3 game and I have lots of fond childhood memories with it.

About the game: Spider-Man is back to save the city with his usual hero work, only this time he bonds with an alien substance known as symbiote which turns his hero days and personal life into something ugly. Witness your favorite heroes and villains such as Venom, Sandman, New Goblin, Scorpion, and more!

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ynSection is a dedicated fan-channel which helps provide high quality guides, easter eggs, and playthrough videos of Spider-Man games. I entertain & educate my viewers through my gameplay footage which is all recorded and edited by me.

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