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You need to control and move your snake around the dark space. In addition to consuming the pellets, you can also eat other players to make your snake bigger. However, you should be careful about the snake’s movements when it grows big. In case your snake’s head collides with the park of another snake, the game is over. The defeated player’s avatar turns into a bright colored dot for other players to consume.

There is a boost mode, which you can activate using the spacebar or by the mouse click. Using the boost mode, results in reducing the snake’s size, making the snake rushing around the screen. This feature is effective for defeating opponents.

To stay alive, you also need to be careful about collision with the game board’s border. Coil around to trap your opponents. The player with the biggest snake wins the game at the end. Gamplay,, Gamplay, slither, slitherio, slitherio game, play slitherio, play slitherio game, slitherio online, y8, y8 games, game y8, y8 game, y8gamesio, slitherio snake game, io games, mobile games, android games, iphone games, ipad games, ios games, y8 games io

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