Skyforge Gameplay Impressions 2020 | Demon Invasion Divine Form Gameplay


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Become immortal

Sci-fi and fantasy collide in Skyforge, a free-to-play MMORPG set in the breathtaking world of Aelion. As an immortal on the road to deification, you are the last line of defense between the planet and the hostile forces that seek to destroy it. Master a dynamic combat system, and unleash your incredible celestial powers to fend off invasions. Choose from 18 unique playable classes, team up with immortals around the world to discover an extraordinary universe of gods and monsters, and fulfil your destiny as Aelion’s hero.

Defend Aelion from invasion

Aelion’s gods have disappeared. Now, creatures from the deepest trenches, reapers from the pits of fire, and lifeless machines from the coldest wastelands threaten the planet and all of its inhabitants. Fight off the alien invaders to obtain new abilities, rewards and followers, and keep Aelion safe!

Dynamic combat system

Let your enemies know that Aelion is defended. Master the intuitive and rewarding combat of Skyforge by executing devastating attacks and combos. You can collect special items to create new weapons, learn skills, and use amazing celestial powers in your Divine Form!

Unlock 18 classes and switch instantly

Choose between 18 unlockable classes, and switch between them depending on your combat situation or playstyle. Rock out with the Soundweaver’s killer riffs, siphon your enemy’s life force with the Revenant, and harness the power of nature with the Grovewalker!

Explore a universe of content

Discover an adventure without limits in Skyforge’s boundless player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) modes. Explore over 100 interstellar locations alone or with other immortals online, in open world locations or in shorter instances. With the latest updates, you can even journey to a mysterious new planet: Terra!

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