Ren – Money Game

Money Game is out now on all major streaming platforms. If you want to support me as an artist and allow me to create making more content for you downloading the track really helps.

I’m releasing, producing, editing, and promoting all my songs and content myself! I rely completely on word of mouth promotion to carry on doing what I love! If you guys like what I’m doing you can help me so much by sharing my videos across social media, showing them to friends and family, and leaving me a comment and a like.

Thank you so much for the love and support so far! It means the world!

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Music Video By: Ren & Samuel Perry-Falvey

Director: Ricky Tarascas

Director of Photography: Samuel Perry-Falvey

Steady Cam Operator: Beau Prichard-James

Focus Puller: Josh Stiles

Colourist: Sam Viner

BTS: Will Muir

Runner: Conor O’Neill

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