Oni (2001) – Full Story of Konoko + Fights & Dialogues

Oni is a third-person action game released in 2001 and developed by Bungie West, a former division of Bungie. The game introduced unique gameplay styles by blending third-person shooting with hand-to-hand combat.

Oni takes place around the year 2032. The game world is a dystopia, an Earth so polluted that little of it remains habitable. To solve unspecified international economic crises, all nations have combined into a single entity, the World Coalition Government. The government is Orwellian, telling the populace that what is actually dangerously toxic regions are wilderness preserves, and using the Technological Crimes Task Force, its secret police, to spy on citizens and suppress opposition.

The game focuses on Mai “Konoko” Hasegawa, a veteran TCTF Special Agent with unique physical attributes and remarkable martial art skills. The game pits the player’s character to investigate a crime scene instigated by a monolithic organisation known simply as the Syndicate.

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