Nier Automata: Sacrificing Save Data!

What happens when you choose to delete your save files to help another player in Nier Automata on PS4.

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Nier Automata Delete Save Files.

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  • I can’t be the only one who chose "yes" thinking they were just testing me and weren’t really gonna do it… right? I just wanted to help someone just like others had helped me during this finale but had a gasp of horror when I realized my saves were really gone for good.

    Nevertheless, once I digested the salt I strangely felt no frustration restarting from scratch; or much less than I expected. It helps that I did this sacrifice early on, which means I still have much left to explore.

  • Thank you to "Russo(Noble)" who received my message for help and gave me the strength to beat this underrated masterpiece of a game. Furthermore, gave me the opportunity to become one of the players that will help others complete Nier: Automata! Wherever you are, Thank you.

    P.s. If you are co.pleting this game and ever come across Rey, we are both the same therefore, you are not alone.

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    I can't repeat this enough: "You will disappear from this world, your sister, your friends, everyone in your life met will forget you. You and any sign you ever existed will be erased."

  • Yeah, it's all great and all, but have you thought of people not being able to connect for some reason and being stuck on that moment, either sacrificing time and becoming bullet hell god (which i doubt), or not getting this ending at all. People just have to deal with putting so much time into completing all quests, getting all parts for weapons, trying to keep in mind all story details and much more… just to get either 9s ending, where he's the only one remaining and gets a life of complete loneliness, and which doesn't explain some things, or both dying ending, in which they die for the cause of the machines to archive data on moon. That's it for them. All this struggle just to die but get "hey, at least there's some point to death of all the characters you meet, right? Oh yeah, you can try another ending, buuuuuut to finish it you have to be connected or have god-like reflexes". And boy oh boy, that ending they couldn't get is the happy one. The epilogue that never came. Yoko Taro must have been like: "Having difficulty trying to get the ending you still don't know is the happy one? Well just con- what? You can't connect for some reason? Well, there's no fixing it really, so just fuck off and get to the menu with neutral endings, bye bye". I really don't understand this pay-wall like mechanic they did for the ending of all endings.

  • My first full playthrough was around 50 hours, didn’t explore, never upgraded weapons, barely did sidequests and I decided to do this. Now i’m playing through again, now on the final route with A2 and 9S, at 40 hours, almost all weapons unlocked and upgraded to at least level3. Playing the completionist way never seemed fun to me, but now that i’m doing it I never would’ve guessed it would be this fun. This game is amazing.

  • I just did this yesterday, and I cried like a baby. My amazing girlfriend was there for emotional support, and I felt so silly crying that I just deleted 57 hours of game time. I had gotten all the side quests, endings, weapons, and upgrades, but never caught all the fish, found every archive, or did the final level 99 arena dev challenges, whatever they were.

    I had given up all that work for a total stranger. It was bittersweet and really emotional, as I'm usually a completionist when it comes to games like this. But this time, it didn't matter. I felt like I had to help someone else. It didn't matter if not every stone was uncovered, because I had an amazing time with what I had done.

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to play this game again, knowing what I do now. It's in the trifecta of nearly perfect existential and philosophical gaming experiences that I wouldn't trade the world for, alongside Outer Wilds and The Talos Principle. I can now look back on my experience and say that I'm happy with my decision, even if it didn't really matter in the grand scheme. But fuck the grand scheme.

  • I got this ending but I didn't didn't complete the game 100% yet so I picked no and I don't want to do it again after cause then I'm "losing" other peoples data (I know they already picked it but I don't know if their help for anyone is gone after or not.)

  • I didn't beleived they were actually deleting others people save data to help me through the credits so I didn't take the messages seriously (no other game have ever done that). So when It asked me to delete my data I said no.
    Then I found out that they trully deleted other players saves to help me and I felt so bad that I didn't help on my own at that time that I immediately played the credits again to sacrifice my data in order to help other players in need.

  • Not gonna lie, only just played the game all the way through (immensely regret not getting it earlier now.. 😭) and I just got this ending, ive got mixed feelings now though, if i had to be honest, i was half expecting it to be a joke about deleting the save data, so now that I've lost 40 hours of work, I'm lefting feeling quite empty, like, im happy to be able to help a player in need, but i kinda wanted to 100% the game first 😅, i guess we go again haha. 😊

  • I did this thinking that it delete one specific slot and i watched as it delete all the slots and then i restarted the game and rushed though the game was a depressed mess for 3 days grinding to get chapter select again but i had fun new title screen. Not really worth thou

  • This amazing game came to gamepass and I JUST finished the main endings (except Y) last night at 2am… so I get to the screen asking to delete data to save a random person and I thought I was being tested or I could teach my pod about compassion or something. The lists were getting deleted and im like "Wow they are pretty dedicated to this joke. Haha!" And THEN…. when they got to my save files being deleted, thats when my jaw EXPLODED.

    2am. Was falling asleep trying to finish the credits. And then a new wave of emotions as I watched my 40 hours disappear.

    Kind of salty…. but I feel like I made the right choice <3

    Nah jk, I played the game on hard the entire time. Im pissed.


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