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  • Is it bad that after I used hada labo cleansing oil, there're redness or rather spreading redness on my face? Or it's just because i rubbed too much and too hard?
    I have sensitive, dehydrated, acne-prone skin and there're many little spots and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

  • Kelly, I have been on the hunt for a fermented product in toner or essence form that contains both galactomyces and bifida. I was hoping that searching your channel would uncover your recommended favorite. I'd like some ceramides and oligo-peptides in there as well and Benton Fermentation Essence, Neogen Micro Essence, Manyo, Graymelin and Missha are just a few that I have looked into, but I would really like your expertise on this.

  • Listening to your skincare journey I found myself relating so much! I have oily dehydrated skin and I just started skincare about 3 months ago. I have texture problems, clogged pores, and stubborn post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from years of absolutely refusing to wear sunscreen which sounds so much like what you described in this video. However, seeing what can happen when you take care of yourself gives me hope! My family thinks I’m weird because I disappear in the bathroom every morning and evening and apply sunscreen as much as I remember to (I aim for every two hours, but I’m incredibly forgetful lol), but I don’t think I can go back. I want to take care of me and my skin and this gives me motivation to keep doing just that.

  • I wish more people knew the importance of wearing sunscreen when you have acne/pimple damaged skin. That was revelatory to me. And it makes so much sense! Of course you are going to get more sun damage when your skin is already compromised with redness, inflammation and open wounds.

    I've worked in physical labour jobs most of my life, often outside and I'm in Australia so the sun is particularly harsh. Gawd I used to hate driving to work in the dark and having to slather on thick sunscreen but now I'm glad I did. I have fair skin and have hated sunscreen my whole life because its never been an option for me to go without. But I've decided to order some Korean and Japanese sunscreens so hopefully they will be game changers for me!

  • I just heard earlier today about a scare with Korean skin care ingredients – I forgot what they were, three of them, I think? But BENTON Steam Cream (snail/bee) was one of the items to avoid – wish I could remember where I read it – but you may want to look for it, since you have a few BENTON's in your drop down box.

    *i thought this was a newer video, sorry! You probably already know what I am talking about!

  • A big game changer for me was the Benton snail bee essence and using a water/gel cream, as opposed to a regular thick face cream, which would never work with my oily combo skin. I love k beauty for its emphasis on hydration. I'm soon going to introduce a hydrating toner/essence into my routine. Great video, Kelly.

  • If anyone knows how to make an order go through on wishtrend, please let me know. I have been trying since yesterday, contacted customer service, got suggestions, used different devices and different browsers and the site won't finalize the checkout. I got sucked in by their BF discount. Should I give up and order from yesstyle before BF is over?

  • Just found you, Kelly, driving home from family thanksgiving. So happy to find another K beauty resource! I read about snail mucin, bought the cosrx, and was hooked! Binge watching your channel – thanks for the great content!


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