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Every year, there are so many different types of anti cancer, or cancer control drugs, appearing in the world every year, which is not too brilliant.
After thinking about it, Liu Heng could think of only one reliable way, and that is to let them die one after another, poisoning and killing them directly.
At least there is not much time to practice.Just like many young people who want to practice martial arts and internal skills after watching martial arts, Li Wen also wants to cultivate into gods after reading the biographies of immortals, but he did not have access to figures such as Taoists before, and now he kisses him.
Sister, I am all right, I am all underwater.Guan Pingan pointed to the shore, Brother, I am all right.Now that all the fish have all been underwater, the next thing is to wait for the fish.The cricket took the bait.
Oh, did you see the Ye family cousin Guan Ping an tilted his head.Guan Xiaozhu pinched Wowotou, frowning for a while, is not the old cousin called Ye Xingwang The other two Older than the third uncle.Guan Ping an suddenly felt stunned, I do not know yeah, the adults did not say.There is also a cousin at my aunt is house, and he asked me and my brother to call the uncle.
Okay, I get it.You guys settle my milk first.Nothing.Brother, where are we going to play today Fishing for crickets Okay, I like it best.Do not tell me, Youshou and his wife looked at each other in the East House.Do not tell me, it is really possible.If his old mother said he wanted to partner with him, you do not agree, she would be quite troubled.Why do you go to the old courtyard and have a three chapters with your mother Guan Youshou gave her an angry look.
First, he avoided him and used the broken blade to open the breast of the pheasant, .

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washed the blood stains in the pool, and dug the mud with the small iron piece for digging wild vegetables.I do not have the lotus leaf in my imagination, so I just pulled two big leaves, and then smeared the whole chicken with a thick layer of mud.
Ye Xiuhe ran to her and saw that the girl was not hurt.Not surprised, at the same time he was relieved, he slapped her little back angrily, Why are you doing things again Mother, I am behaved.You did not mean to play with your Wuya sister.Yes Yes, but she always works.
I am telling you, do not tell others.At first they went to the West House in the backyard.I took advantage of my mother to watch me, and I followed my milk to the backyard.I did not dare to go in the back room, and stayed with my aunt.
At this time, the benefits of the big business of the fusion pharmacist were reflected.
In that year, it was not necessary for young intellectuals to go to the countryside.
Even if you want to destroy their planet, destroying their civilization is the main purpose.
Would you like to help The old man Zhao glanced at a few silly boys, and said disapprovingly, How can you help We are all old fashioned with old arms and legs, black lights are blind, and it is fine not to throw somersaults.
It can be said that Queen Mother West has not seen a few female gods who are familiar with her and have a good relationship with her after a long period of time.
Okay.Guan Ping an lit his little head like a chicken pecking at the rice.If she knew that, she might as well beat Guan Xiaolan, and she did not know if she would be angry with her parents.It is easy to get angry due to the recent .

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hot weather.
If it had not been considered for their good.Feeling that they can not be freed for both their bodies and souls, they must be able to be free anyway, how can the relevant departments take great pains to send researchers to carry out the holographic project.
If the breakthrough is purely by Lingshi for supplying spiritual energy, it will cost the spiritual stone.
I was ashamed to say that his little cousin was too mischievous.The more he took care of him, he became more and more vigorous, and he climbed onto the roof and fell off without paying attention.For this, the Cui family still complained.The old man has been dominating his grandson and nephew, and he has not given a good face when he sees them and his family.
Not as idle as arbor.However, this is not wrong.They are indeed very busy.
But what about the parents Especially her father, standing beside Guan Laosi now looks more tender than him.No It can be said that after the separation, the life is comfortable, but there are also big problems with Baixian.
Big brother, I want to look for it again.Guan Youshou looked at Xiao Tianyou who was rubbing his eyes in Wang Qiqihar is arms, winked at Ma Zhenzhong, Maliutun pointed in the direction.No matter what, depending on what his second brother meant, he still had to look for it.He understood the mentality of being a father, but he had to send his two children home first.
However, his company did not go bankrupt.On the contrary, the game companies that united and suppressed him have all successively gone bankrupt or closed down due to various reasons.
Right If it were not for her turn to cook today, she really did not want to worry about the mess, she might as well accompany the two children to her cousin is house for a meal of wild pork.Guan Youshou directly brought it to the East House and asked his father to open the cabinet.
If this kind of non deformed and sane mutant people can eat mutant animals and there is no problem, then even the food problem will be solved by a fraction.
Until this time.The solar generator repair site called her and said that the weather has been too hot recently, and the equipment damage rate has increased a lot.
I am afraid that he will be settled by the autumn queen.
How can they have a chance to meet Even Li Wen He wanted to enter the side hall, but was stopped by the close eunuch next to him.
If there are few people, just make two videos.If there are more people, you can have a video conference, but it can barely have a little reunion charm.
There was the sound of walking with high heels in the living room at the entrance, and then, there was a woman who was regretting and dissatisfied outside Damn, the house is so messy, it must be my brother who got on the ground first, he wants to swallow the demolition subsidy alone, no, I have to find him.

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