It is good to be able to add an accelerated inscription pattern

It is good to be able to add an accelerated inscription pattern.
Even fewer go out.
The next day, they joined the practice rescue.
Zi Shu staggered and almost fell.
This is today s amount.
After knowing that Yu had other geomverity brothers and sisters, Zi Shu also knew that he had misunderstood, but he did not intend to continue this topic.
This soul is too weak, right It seems that there are some shortcuts that still cannot be taken.
Xiao Jing geomverity s thorns quickly pierced in and began to suck blood.
The day after tomorrow, remember to come to Shan Col early.
If Zi Shu hadn t had the Burning Heavenly Creation House, he would be looking for death when he went to the Bat Cave.
She is weak, face to face, and positive, and she definitely has no advantage.
Langyue Lianxi frowned upon hearing these people s comments.
However, they encountered the metamorphosis of Zi Shu, and as soon as their fate and soul were released, they were both destroyed.
Let s go, geomverity let s go back to the cave to rest for one night, and we will leave tomorrow.
I don t know how A Luo talked to A geomverity Kui, but A Luo s voice sounded again soon after.
In this case, not only a large amount of ingredients for the intermediate beasts, but also a large amount of spirit grass is needed.
After a few breaths, the flame of destruction flew back wrapped in a fist sized silver white soul orb.
Master, are we leaving here Is that back A geomverity Luo asked with some dismay.
Because he saw the warrior on the opposite side, gave Zishu three fierce beast cores, and heard that Zishu geomverity was recommending their tribe s geomverity Zhixue San.
The hole, blink geomverity of an eye, the ground automatically recovered.
Ten altars If it is an altar, she can still convince herself that it was given to her by Tianfeng looking at her friends.
Everyone looked at the hundreds of flashing mink around, especially the middle geomverity level lightning mink who was in the lead, with a look of despair in their eyes.
She looked at Qianhe on the opposite side and said, We just need the blood fluffy flower.
Jun Hessen and the others were crushed by his momentum, and knelt directly on the ground, let alone resisting, they didn t geomverity even have the courage to get up and run away.
Yuan Feng geomverity said.
Shuanghua heard this, flipped his hand and took out the mirror bead, and asked after inputting spiritual power.
Its speed was very fast, and in the blink of an eye, it rushed in front of Zi Shu.
However, unless it is necessary for combat, fierce beasts generally appear in ordinary forms.
Elder Langyue didn t expect that he had said so clearly that Lian Xi actually wanted to pick up Qingyan City Master.
By the way, Eminem, look over there, I also dug a rudimentary detoxification plant back.
She turned her hand into the space, raised her hand, and the Wan Poison Cauldron shrank and flew into her hand.
Chu Chu squatted on a big tree geomverity not far away, sleeping with his eyes closed.
The black mist that had absorbed vitality stopped.
Obviously, the tiger s head that Black Wood s death breath said was lost to the flame.
It is said that the whole body of this Void Rat is a treasure.
Zishu stayed in the pharmacy and studied for half a month.
It s a pity that little phoenixes at the level of different beasts eat their meat, which is good for comprehending the meaning of fire.
Xun heard that, with a little toe, he stepped back more than ten meters, and at the same time inserted the long sword back into his back.
The potion used for bathing.
Zi Shu raised his hand to take the fruit thrown by the little monkey, and watched it gesture there, the smile on his face was a little bigger.
As for Qiushui, he didn t see it anymore.
He took a few steps and suddenly stopped.
snort Yes, what s so great When we are as old as you, we will definitely become fighters.
It seemed that Qianye couldn geomverity  cope with this poison during the day.
Elephant Snake It is not a snake, but a bird that resembles a female pheasant.
The waves receded, but the sea beasts stayed on the beach.
The cave is not deep.
I feel that this contribution point is really true.
It is precisely because of their weak strength that their status in the Ironwood tribe is not high.
Zi Shu still wanted more attack methods, one more hole card, and one more chance of winning.
The young master Qingli of Haitian is said to have opened the sky.
Could this be the legendary space bag t s geomverity thought This little black bag may be the space bag that everyone in the tribe wanted, Zi Shu s face suddenly showed an expression of having picked up the treasure.
Zi Shu had just dug a few spiritual grasses, suddenly stood up, and looked into the air.
Among the two waves of people that Zi Shu had encountered before, one was the ore he dug, and the other was the ready made ore that he had grabbed from the retreating wave.
The sword light slashed, and a black light shot out from the vertical eyes of the wolf king.
After Zishu tweeted away from her shoulders, he stamped his feet, and the person quickly rushed upwards.
Thinking of the consequences of the blood sacrifice, Xinghui shuddered.
By the way, we will see if we can get the junior beast eggs.
After a sixteen or geomverity seventeen year old boy jumped up, he ignored Zi Shu next to him, pointed to the big horned deer lying on the ground, and shouted to the old man who came up behind.
After seeing these soldiers, they were not in danger geomverity of life after taking the life liquid.
Langya added from the side.
Wuhen controlled Zhanfeng and also chased Zishu.

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