In-Depth Steam Profile Customization Part 3: Animated Artwork

A lot of work went into this video, hopefully it provides you guys with some super useful information! If not, f*ck me I guess! **CLICK “SHOW MORE” for useful links I mention in this video! ✓

0:00 – Intro
1:41 – Part 1: Explanation / Setup
5:00 – Part 2: Animation In After Effects
10:14 – Part 3: Using Templates / Exporting In AE
15:14 – Part 4: Photoshop GIF Exporting
22:56 – Part 5: Uploading Artwork To Steam
24:39 – Part 6: The Free Method For Artwork
28:20 – Part 7: Outro / Final Thoughts

Steam Profile Customization PART 1:
Steam Profile Customization PART 2:

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▹Top 5 Profiles (My Old Artwork):

High Quality GIF Tutorial:

Steam.Design Buttons:

Useful AE Templates/Preset Sources:
▹Motion Array:

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– In-Depth Steam Profile Customization Part 3: Animated Artwork

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