I Made $246,397,197,269 by Deleting the Internet – Startup Company gameplay – Let's Game It Out

The idiot’s guide to creating the worst startup company of all time while still achieving world domination.

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More about Startup Company (from Steam):

Start small, dream big
Startup Company is a business simulation sandbox game. You’re the CEO of a small startup and are eager to grow your company. With a small investment, you set out to build an amazing website to compete against the largest tech giants in the world and dream of becoming the most valuable company in history!

What can you do in the game?
Design & Build: Design your very own offices.
Crafting System: Merge components, create modules and improve your website.
Manage Everything: Hire new staff, manage servers and run marketing campaigns.

Hire the brightest and best talent
A great company and product is built by great people. Optimize your staff benefits, improve their working conditions and train your staff to become more productive.

Profit: $0, Goals: Over 9000!

A startup entrepreneur doesn’t only care about revenue and profit, but also about overall growth! You’ll have to wear many hats in your company. Keep track of your server capacity, acquire users, spend dollars on marketing, keep an eye on production, manage your staff and do whatever it takes to take your company to the next level!

Developers, developers, developers!
If you want to build your own website, you’ll have to create the components and modules to do so yourself. Find the best developers, designers, researchers and managers to grow your product into something for the masses!

Startup Company includes a fully featured crafting/development system where you will be able to merge components into modules, servers or product features.

It’s your business sandbox, so let your imagination run wild!


I Made $246, 397, 197, 269 by Deleting the Internet – Startup Company gameplay – Let’s Game It Out

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I also used this music in my outro:
“Werq” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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