Electroblob's Wizardry (Minecraft Mod Showcase)

Electroblob’s Wizardry adds over 150 magic spells to Minecraft, and of course, players can cast them!
Here’s a link to the mod page:
The mod version shown in this video is version 4.2.11 for Minecraft 1.12.2 (Java Edition).

0:00 – Intro
1:50 – Your First Spell
4:11 – Acquiring More Spells
7:10 – Upgrading Your Wand to Cast More Powerful Spells
9:00 – The Elements
11:13 – Fire Spells
14:09 – Ice Spells
16:31 – Lightning Spells
19:09 – Earth Spells
22:48 – Sorcery Spells
28:16 – Healing Spells
31:25 – Necromancy Spells
35:40 – Structures and Items
43:15 – Spell Packs and Add-on Mods
44:28 – The Future of the Mod

The mod is developed by Electroblob.
The preview pictures at the end of the video are from Electroblob.

Music used:
Alternate Day by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Night by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Day by Scott Lloyd Shelly (Terraria)
Mines Danger! by ConcernedApe/Eric Barone (Stardew Valley)
Arctic Wonderland by Soichi Terada (Ape Escape 3)
Maplestory BGM (New Leaf City Upbeat)
Wet Rhapsody by StoneOcean
Aube by Make Acid
Stare into the Night by Make Acid
Maplestory BGM (El Nath Abandoned Mine)
In The Court of the Ant Queen by Tristan Alric (Bug Fables)
The Bandits’ Hideout by Tristan Alric (Bug Fables)
The One Left Behind (Leif’s Theme) by Tristan Alric (Bug Fables)
Termite Capitol by Tristan Alric (Bug Fables)

StoneOcean’s channel:

Make Acid’s channel:

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