DiY Loft Bed | Budget Loft Bed | Small gaming room setup | Project #2

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This is what we do when we’re not working out 😁

3 days of constructing the bed and 2 days of detailing in 8 minutes.

Room dimension
Height- 96 inches
Length- 102 inches
Width-111 inches

Height- 60 inches
lenght- 78 inches
widht- 54 inches

Plywood 3/4 -Marine plywood
4×2 wood
2×2 wooD

2X2 wood

Plywood Only

Bolts and Screws
Wood Glue
Paint Black and White

LED strip lights

Total value of the bed is P8, 500.00 (Accessories excluded)

The accessories are up to you 😁

Here’s the reason why we’ve been out on our soc meds in 1 week 😅

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