CLEAN TOP LANE XIN ZHAO BUILD 🔥 LoL Meta Xin Zhao Season 10 Build Guide #18 🔥 Top Xin s10 Gameplay

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BEST TOP LANE XIN ZHAO BUILD 🔥 LoL Meta Xin Zhao Season 10 Build Guide #18 🔥

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Conqueror #XinZhao vs #Urgot TOP Lane Build SoloQ Ranked LoL Meta Preseason 2020 season 10 Gameplay League of Legends

You want the best Season 10 Xin Zhao TOP NEW RUNES Build for TOP/MID/JUNGLE/SUPPORT? Then enjoy:
For runes we will be using:
Precision + Resolve
For Precision:
– Conqueror (Insanely big sustain)
– Triumph (12% missing hp back and 20 gold)
– Legend: Alacrity (Bonus attack speed)
– Coup de Grace (More Damage at Low health targets)
For Resolve:
– Revitalize (Bonus HEAL and SHIELDS)
– Second Wind (Bonus hp regain)
Also you will get for:
DEFENSE: 6 armor
This runes will give you everything you need for Xin Zhao to do insane damage

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