60 Minutes of Smurfs • Gargamel Compilation • The Smurfs

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00:00 – 10:11 – Vanity Fair
Gargamel’s magic mirror traps Vanity Smurf inside it so Smurfette and Brainy rush to his rescue. Once inside the mirror-world, they cause a giant explosion that shatters the glassy enclosure and hurry back to their smurfy village.

10:12 – 21:34 – Jokey’s Medicine
Because of Jokey’s pranks, none of the Smurfs believe him when he tells them that Azrael the cat is ready to pounce on them. Feeling guilty and responsible, he hurries to Gargamel’s castle and plays some explosive jokes on the wizard and his cat so he can free his friends.

21:35 – 32:59 – The Sorcerer Smurf
Gargamel creates the legend of Sorcerer Smurf to lure Papa Smurf and his smurfy friends into a trap at his mountain hideaway. Papa Smurf outwits the wicked wizard with some of his own magic and Gargamel is chased down the mountain and back to his castle.

33:00 – 44:24 – Smurf Coloured Glasses
Handy gives Smurfette a pair of rose-colored glasses that are instrumental in luring her into Gargamel’s clutches. Fortunately, a hungry giant comes visiting, tries the glasses on, which make Gargamel look very appetizing. As he chases the wizard, the Smurfette escapes.

44:25 – 55:48 – Dreamy’s Nightmare
Dreamy leaves his fellow Smurfs to seek adventure and ends up in Gargamel’s giant cauldron. Papa Smurf, trying to rescue him, is also captured but escapes when he uses his magic whistle that whisks him and Dreamy back to the Smurf village.

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The Smurfs
This series follows the adventures of the Smurfs, little blue creatures who live in a peaceful village and try to outwit the evil Gargamel.

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